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My name is Helene Møberg Keinicke, and I am a Copenhagen-based illustrator and art director. My main sources of inspiration are nature and personal narratives.

As a child I spent a great deal of time at my grandparents’ farm, when my parents were at work. This was a free space for me, where I was able to roam around and ride my bike all day and participate in the everyday operations around the farm doing small and large chores. My grandmother and I used to spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, playing the organ, or outside tending the garden and picking flowers. My memories of playing so freely in nature and getting to live the balanced life with my grandparents continue to inspire me in my work.

I grew up in a small town in Jutland but have since moved to the big city of Copenhagen. I live in a lovely little house with my husband Søren and our two boys – and I still love gardening. It is important for me to live a considerate life caring for the world we are all part of. This is a value that I want to reflect in my works.

Helene Møberg Keinicke is a Danish illustrator and art director, who graduated with a BSc in Communication Design from Copenhagen Business Academy in 2012.